Diagnostic Imaging

When a problem arises with your pet, we often turn to diagnostic imaging to help us quickly find out what is wrong. Fortunately, San Marcos Blvd Veterinary Hospital has a complete array of diagnostic imaging capabilities that we can offer our clients, including digital radiographs (X-rays) and ultrasound services.  X-rays and Ultrasound can provide fast, valuable information, including but not limited to, your pet’s gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon), cardiopulmonary system (heart, lungs), genitourinary system (kidneys, bladder) and musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles). Your doctor will discuss with you which modality is best for your pet and whether or not sedation may be required. If X-rays are taken, your doctor will discuss your pet’s radiographs with you and, if need be, have the capability to share your X-rays with a local board-certified radiologist for additional review. 

We offer convenient in-house lab services, digital x-rays, and ultrasound for a fast, accurate diagnosis. Fast diagnostic results means faster treatment for your pet... and peace of mind for you!
Our veterinarians have extensive training and experience to ensure your pet receives the best, individualized care. They stay current with all the latest veterinary innovations. We offer wellness, surgery, sick and emergency, care 6 days a week!
At San Marcos Blvd Veterinary Hospital, we are fully equipped with all the tools and knowledge to deal with any emergency you may encounter with your pet.

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